slow it down, kill it fast (objectsubject) wrote in dreamheavy,
slow it down, kill it fast

dedicated to the masculine sex

do you remember
how I used to love it
when you'd come to touch me?

inside out
outside in

body and soul
heart and skin

how I used to lean
against the love of you
hard, as if to make you leave?

pull to push
to pull free

me touching you
touching me

these days I cannot
quite fall into that frame
of flesh and collision course

grabby hands
handed back

I'm not for resale
nor retail rack

no longer wallow
in the open embrace:
a physical love of force

pinned up
or down

against the wall
or on the ground

but immune now to
your hungercravingwant,
and declining to be caressed

reach out,
out of reach

two kinds of no
one dose of each

enough to keep the taste suppressed.
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