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Kill Cupid

You think that Cupid brings you love,
but you couldn’t be more wrong,
Because when Cupid has passed you by,
The love in fact is gone.

He loves to be sarcastic and he got me really pissed,
So I will tell you the truth today about how Cupid really is,
Whenever he sees happiness his bow and arrow come into play,
He aims and shoots and soon after that one of the lovers turns away,

He makes you fall in love with a person you can’t reach,
He makes two people love the same one,
And after love has failed he is satisfied,
For him the failing is big fun,

One time there was this girl and boy, and they looked good together,
They could talk for days and nights and not only about the weather.
So Cupid thought “Hey, I’ll help a hand” and he shot an arrow straight,
Into the heart of that guy who started feeling faint (because of the love),

And then he fired his second, but, sadistic as he is,
The arrow point was blunt this time, and the arrow missed.
So Cupid laughed his ass off as he saw the guy getting the blues,
“Yeah, scratch one love today, that’s really good news”

But when he looked at that guy again
it scared the hell outta him because he looked straight,
At the nose cone of a fully armed rocket propelled grenade,

He was totally blown to smithereens,
a few feathers was all there was left to see.
He probably didn’t know who he was dealing with, hehe, that guy, was me,

Because of his instant fear he dropped his bow and also an arrow,
So I picked it up and shot it right into that girls soul
(into hear heart of course, but that didn’t rhyme)
She came running over to me and her lips kissed my lips,
I could feel the love rushing from my toes to my fingertips.

So all of you happy couples in the world to day,
You should thank me because I moved Cupid out of your way ^_^
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