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dreamheavy's Journal

dream heavy.
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a place for artists of all kinds. if you make it, paint it, sing it, write it, anything. photos, you name it. share. offer feedback, but be nice. that's all i ask. be honest, but kind. i know you can.

i just want a safe community.
where we can all feel safe.

001. you can post anything art related. if the image is over 600 x 600 please lj cut, and over 2 images, please as well. basically just be smart about it. ;)
002. if you are selling your art that's fine..just post it too. so we can see.
003. please use the community to post your art, x-posting is fine.
004. critique is okay, if you want critique please ask. if you don't want it, please say. friendly critiquing is fine but please remember that we all have feelings. and "i hate this" isn't a critique at all.
005. advertising communities is okay IF they are art related and not rating communities.
006. the art you post must be your own.
007. please don't disable comments
008. nudity can be posted, and does not need to be behind a cut. you can if you like, of course. but it isn't necessary, as long as it's tasteful.