this is me, looking for a word called "together" (erhothwen) wrote in dreamheavy,
this is me, looking for a word called "together"

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to be reclusive

I am entombed in a shell
Wallpapered in with sheets of music
It is a cluttered utopia of
‘Pas Redoublé’ and ‘The Firebird Suite’
By the likes of Camille Saint-Saëns
And Igor Stravinsky, who is a swell person by the way

For in this womb of music notes—
Fair-weathered staccatos
Pianissimo whispers
—they are my only friends
And they will be held dear
Until my breath cannot sustain

To live in crescendo
This is my own majesty
But even crescendos do not go on forever
I encased myself in my own salvation
Let this music replace
The empty space dusted in aloneness

The only conversations I hold begin with
Treble clefs and end in double bars
One could go insane even
This is what I have
To do to not be
So lonely
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